We Believe Every Person and Every Organization Has Purpose and Significance.

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What You Will Learn Inside Our Program

How To Ignite Your Passion And Purpose With Recovered Energy

It is never too late to ignite new dreams and do what matters most.  We will show you how to identify and harness your passion, and turn past negatives in to positive energy to fuel your transition to what’s next

How To Conquer Your Fears, Uncertainty And Doubt

Whether you are a C level Exec or running your own business, everyone experiences waves of fear, uncertainty and doubt. We will show how to overcome those fears and find the mental skills to stop procrastinating and take action

How To Start Making Changes Without Regret

Where you are now matters. We will walk you through a method to examine where you are right now, to enable you to get a clear vision of where you want to go, and the right path to get there

Our Mission

We have a passion to motivate and strategize life transitions through sharing stories of our highs, lows and  journey through the corporate world then starting & growing our own businesses.
We help move men and women of influence who have reached a major plateau in work and life to seek freedom and focus on what matters most.  We do the same work with organizations -- to be organizations where people want and desire to work and be successful.
We live lakeside at Eureka Lake, KS. When not coaching and teaching, we enjoy traveling, trying local restaurants and cafes in small towns, kayaking, golfing, boating and taking long walks with our rescue pup, Zoe Louise. 

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"Because of feeling like I was stuck in concrete professionally and personally, I always had trouble with knowing my "why", my purpose. With The Strategic Life Planning Coaching], I learned better techniques for moving through my fear zone, living by my core values, leveraging my strengths and remembering those things I was passionate about - it's improved my life immensely! The coaching and mentoring from Charlie and Cindy literally changed my life!"

K.M. - USA
Sales & Marketing Executive

"I was struggling with my job in a way that had an effect on just not my ministry, but my self confidence. Going through the coaching and training process with Charlie and Cindy grew me as a leader and gave me the courage to start over by planting a church that has grown exponentially. I have confidence and a belief in myself that I can live out my God-ordained purpose in this season of life! "

L.L. - Canada

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