3 Simple Steps to Stop Your Need to Be Perfect

Perfect is not a destination.

It’s a roadblock and excuse to set yourself up for failure. So, it is time to STOP it!

I was on a flight earlier this week and was sitting behind a person who spent 2 hours fidgeting and messing with everything they could possibly touch or control.

Chair back, chair up.

Head rests bent up, head rests bent down.

The air vent open, air vent closed.

Stand up, sit down.

It was driving me and everyone else around her absolutely crazy! 

Finally, a flight attendant came to our rescue and asked the woman if she needed some help. Her response?

“No I’m just trying to get the perfect position and comfort level.”

It made me think of the many times in life and business I sweated over every little detail, made change after change because I didn’t feel something was perfect or ready.

As men and women who are difference makers, we need to realize that our life and business are not measured by our ability to be perfect.

When we believe we have to be perfect we are really just setting up ourselves for failure. The very thing we often fear most!

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Stop Your Need to Be Perfect:

  1. Set some boundaries for getting the most important task completed.
    1. Name the most important, high priority task you need to complete at this moment: _________________________________________________________.
    2. Set a date that is non-negotiable for checking this off your to-do list (often you are negotiating with yourself, and that’s okay!) _____________________.
    3. List smaller priorities and tasks that can be delayed or completed quickly to allow you to meet your target date for the high priority task. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. When you have those negative “It needs to be perfect” voices in your head, reframe your thoughts.
    1. Ask yourself “what is the worst thing that could happen if I completed the task before it was perfect?”
    2. Using that answer, ask yourself again, “what is the worst thing that could happen if that happened?”
    3. Continue asking yourself the 'what the worst thing is that could happen' until you cannot think of anything else. As my mom always said, “If no one is going to die, then get over yourself and just get it done.” It always seemed to put things in perspective for me!
  1. Give yourself some grace. Research has tied anxiety and depression to perfection, because perfectionism is to seek something that is truly unattainable. The best way to kick the perfectionism drain is to focus on gratitude for what you have done and have each day. It will make the need for perfect start to fade away.
    1. At the end of each day, write down three things you accomplished.
    2. Write down 3 things you are were grateful for today.

 Don’t ever let a need for “perfect” paralyze your progress!

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