I Think I Must Be a Perfectionist

Not exactly an over-the-board, can’t sleep type, but a mild case of procrastination and self talk kind of perfectionist.

Why do I believe this?

Because I tried to record three short videos yesterday to introduce a segment for a new coaching kit soon to be released.

The videos only needed to be 30-120 seconds. Yes, that would be seconds — not minutes!

Let me tell you how it worked and you tell me if I am a perfectionist.

I decided to sit out on the deck at my lake-side office. So out I went with my iMac with Quicktime up and running.

I sat on a bar stool with my iMac on a fencing ledge and hit “record new movie”.

I started talking. Then I messed up the name of the topic, so I stopped the recording and played it back.

I scrutinized my hair. I scrutinized the tilt of my glasses.

I scrutinized the top I had on.

I scrutinized every little wrinkle, tilt of my head, and where my eyes were focused.

I decided this wouldn’t work.

So, I slapped on more make up,...

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